We answer your most colorful questions....

  • 1 How do I order?

    We deliver across the country, so delivery and shipping costs will vary based on where you live. Before you checkout, you will see the delivery options screen for your location and the cost of your specific location.

    Deliveries in downtown Birmingham and surrounding suburbs are delivered on Sunday between 12-5pm via courier.

    Deliveries outside of downtown Birmingham will arrive Wednesday or Saturday - you choose!

    When you receive your meals, simply unpack them into your fridge and they are good for 5-6 days. All meals have a "consume by" date on the individual meal sleeve.

  • 2 When will my delivery arrive? How does shipping work?

    Birmingham area clients receive deliveries each Sunday via courier. 

    Shipping clients can choose to receive meals on Wednesday or Saturday each week via UPS or FedEx. Delivery times on those days are "until 8pm". Tracking for your package will be provided at the time of shipment. Shipping costs vary according to your location.

    Each order is packed with frozen gels packs according the travel time and weather conditions to ensure the highest quality product arrives at your doorstep.

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